Employee Relations

When dealing with employees, it is important for you to know that people do not want to be managed; people want to be led. 

Something to keep in mind...
when dealing with your employees or staff: 
Even though you are a manager or operate your own business, 
you need to be a leader of your people. 
The President of the United States is considered a World Leader, 
not a World Manager. 

On the job, take the time to acknowledge each employee; shake their hand, say hello mentioning their name, build rapport with each employee.  These connections will win respect for you and support your leadership.  Depending on the type of business you are in, it may be the only chance certain employees will have to see you and interface with you.  In your own business...Taking 15 minutes to walk around and shake the hand of each employee lets them know that you care and consider them an important part of your business day.    Treat each employee as if they were your most valuable asset.  After all, they are!  Think of the time and effort spent to hire and train them.  If you treat your employees like gold, just think about how well they will treat your customers.    When dealing with your employees, be firm but fair.  Your employees may not always agree with you, if you are firm but fair, they will always respect you.  This is important.   Be consistent and above all be honest!  If you have to enforce company policies, make sure to be steady and don't play favorites.  Also make sure that company policies are in place (we will discuss that concept in detail later).   Compliments and feedback to your employees is extremely valuable.  Compliments are free, and should be given away whenever you have the opportunity.  Feedback is important so that the employees know if they should improve in a certain area of their duties.

Employee handbooks are a key to clearly defining the requirements of the work place!  If you or your company do not have one in place - now is the time to create one.  If one is in place - make sure that it is constantly being reviewed and updated! 

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"People want to be led!"

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