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Maintaining a Strong & Healthy

 Immune System!

Our methods will specifically assist clients with personal management not related to a medical or mental health disorder.  Doctor recommended clients are welcome to learn how to apply these techniques.  Our methods can assist in providing a positive mechanism for personal growth, achievement, happiness, and well-being.   We need to maintain a strong immune system!  Our immune system is one of our most important possessions – a powerful structure to keep our body safe from injury and invasion. The immune system’s well-being gives us energy and peace of mind. On duty all the time it is a guardian to protect all our functioning systems. This complex system operates at all levels - from the molecular to the systemic.  An auto-immune disease is when something is awry and the immune system begins to attack our systems and functions. Our health is out of kilter!  In MS (multiple sclerosis) the nerve sheath, or myelin, is attacked.  In psoriasis, your skin is attacked, and in more severe cases, your joints as well. In lupus, your internal organs are attacked. These conditions become upsetting to you, frustrating to your physicians and limit our functionality.  


There is a connection - of mind & body!  We need to remember that our immune system and our nervous system and ultimately our thought process are in sync.  Our systems react to stress.  Stress can affect our productivity,  work , creativity and accomplishments in many ways!  Some examples of connective reactions are: if the nervous system is askew we will not mentally function well in the tasks at hand; when our nervous system is overactive, anxiety may result; if it is under active, the result might be depression; with our minds not operating properly we often experience the frightening process called psychosis, reality becomes a distant realm.

When the immune system is off, diagnosis is a physical illness. The immune system being askew fails to stop an internal process of deterioration, as in heart disease, or it may have fail to protect us from germs & infection.  Allergies represent the immune system's erroneous attempts to kill invaders that turn out to be harmless: pollen, cat dander, mold spores. A simple case of poison ivy becomes an entire systemic dilemma. 

 If an overactive - an autoimmune disorder results, the destruction by generally beneficial processes of previously healthy body parts. On a large scale, any over-reactive response of the immune system that results in parts of your body being attacked can be thrown under the heading of "auto-immune disorder".  Chronic fatigue is often accompanies this spectrum of problems.

The nervous system and the immune system are intimately & very closely linked.

The Mind & Body Connection

Our immune system can be weakened from stress, panic, negative attitudes, and a pessimistic outlook.  The brain contains neurotransmitters - messengers that carry chemical messages to all the organs and glands. These "messengers" serve to activate, instruct, and regulate the immune system.  A person in a depressed, stressed, or panicked mood causes the brain to send a negative message to the immune system which affects the organs throughout the body in a negative fashion; a person in a humorous or optimistic mood stimulates the immune system and increases it's ability to attack cancer cells, infectious diseases, allergies, and other autoimmune illnesses.  We know that humor, hugs & kisses, and smiles help to improve our outlook and our health.  Various methods of HypnoCounseling can assist you personally and provide the skills involved to help us to develop strategies in maintaining a healthy immune system and a positive & healthy outlook!  


HypnoCounseling  / Self-Hypnosis

HypnoCounseling and Self-Hypnosis use the power of suggestion and relaxed states to positively effect changes of attitude.

The potential medical benefits of hypnosis are fascinating:

 A 1996 U.S. NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH panel judged hypnosis to be an effective intervention for relieving pain from cancer and other chronic conditions. Other studies have found that patients who received cognitive behavioral therapy plus hypnosis for disorders such as obesity, insomnia, anxiety and hypertension showed greater improvement than 70 percent of the patients who received psychotherapy alone.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP)

Have you ever noticed that when a person is under stress, they seem to be in a bad mood? The negative feeling seems to spread to those around that person feeling stressed.  Using the skills learned from knowledge of NLP – you can control the verbiage and various modalities that are unique to YOU!  All modalities are explored and studied – to find the most effective tools for each individual!  And the best part with the skills of NLP at your disposal you can affect those around you!

Imagery And Relaxation Exercises

Studies have shown that the effective use of imagery and relaxation exercises can undeniably improve the function of specific parts of the immune system. Resistance to disease will improve.  Reaction to allergens will be lessened.  Autoimmune attack can be stalled using relaxation and specific imagery designed to reprogram the very system involved: immune system. Research demonstrates consistent improvement in MS, Crohn's irritable bowel, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders. An overactive immune system can be quieted via imagery just as an overactive nervous system can. The process of HypnoCounseling can guide you in understanding how your reaction to stress effects your immune disorder.  AND a key benefit: Clinical Hypnosis and mental imagery do not have side effects such as those caused by medications.

MSI Dynamics can help you to learn relaxation, imagery, NLP and self-hypnosis techniques and strategies that are uniquely designed to help you to balance your immune system and develop control over many related health problems.  Our methods will specifically assist clients with stress management not related to a medical or mental health disorder.  Doctor referrals are welcome and encouraged.  For medical disorders they are required.  We can help you to gain a positive mechanism for personal growth, achievement, happiness, and well-being.


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