Managing your Anger!


Boiling rage - aggressive driving - simmering emotions - passive behaviors!! Not good things that can lead to problems at home, on the road or at the work place! Some helpful ways to keep your cool..... 

1.  Express yourself. Don't keep it in. but... do it appropriately.  Be assertive.  Pay attention to aggressive ways of expression.  Use your brains and be emotionally intelligent.  You're smart - remind yourself!  Rather then snapping at someone articulate in a clear concise way what your needs are and how you'd like them to be met! 

2. Be rational.  When people are angered they have a tendency to exaggerate their case.  It all may be very valid but in the translation lose its meaning.  Replace the anger-fueled perceptions with a realistic assessment.  Remain calm.  Think clearly.  Breathe! 

3. Bite your tongue.  Often a heated discussion causes combatants to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.  Slow down, listen, and think through a response before speaking. 

4. Change your scenery.  If part of your daily routine is a cause of grief,  find an alternative.  If your commute is a problem - find a new route or find a bus or train.  

5. Give yourself more time!  A great prevention of frustration is to do things in a less harried way!  Nerves get frazzled when you are rushed.  Slow the pace - get organized!  

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Find time for yourself!

Finding time for that most important person in your life will help to reduce many of the stressors in your life!

All too often we try to do too much! And... usually that means doing  things for everyone but ourselves!! 

It is our own responsibility to nurture that inner child and care for our selves.  And - like on the airplanes when we are told to put our oxygen mask on first - we need to care for ourselves first!!

Have that cup of tea!

Light that candle!

Take those deep breathes!

Slow down!

Talk softly - the world will listen! And... it is contagious!

Turn your aggressive behavior into assertiveness!

Practice saying "No!" - the first step in assertiveness training.