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What's in a Name?         

Communicating effectively is a key component for being a successful leader!  There are a handful of skills critical to presenting a polished image and making a super terrific first impression.  KNOWING & USING A PERSON'S NAME!  No word is sweeter to a person than the sound of his name!  The sound of it delights an individual - it carries value for the person saying it. 

Remembering someone’s name speaks volumes about how you value him.  Remember the name and by doing so you have made that person feel special.  With “eye contact”, this is an important first step of building rapport  (we will be dealing with that topic “big time” in the future).  It is a special step - showing that you care.  We all want to work for or do business with and be around people that care.  How pleasing it is to walk into a room, an office, a store, or a restaurant where your name is known.  It is a first step toward establishing a warm and enjoyable transaction.  What a potent connection! 

How can a leader lead if he doesn’t know his followers’ names?  When a leader wants to motivate and reap effective loyalty he had better let his followers know that he cares about them!  What a better way to do it!  Then he has supporters that follow!  This leader is creating a team.

Remember when someone uses your name and how you feel when you hear it said.  A persons’ name carries value -  use it in memos, e-mails and other correspondences.  One effective element is to use a name in your monthly or project reports to acknowledge the effort a staff member puts into their job!  Others notice – but that is not as important as how it feels to the one mentioned!  That e-mail or report is the one that is savored and shared with other friends or even with Moms! 

This little key component: “the power of a name!” is vital for great leaders. 

Remember how embarrassing it is when we forget someone’s name or draw a blank during introductions?  Having the “power for names” is a skill that is learned and needs to be practiced.  We are not born with this skill and like any skill it needs to be used over and over again. 

Take the time to do it right!       

Focus!! Use recall tools, like association.  Comment on a name, it helps to etch the name into one’s memory.  Use the name immediately.  When running a meeting - pass out nametags! And not those sticky paper ones!  At one school meeting I ran - I took the time to use black paper and made a black nametag that resembled a small chalkboard with the teacher’s name written in chalk.  At another meeting I put a small peacock feather on each nametag. Be creative!  Put name plaques on doors!  Use nameplates on office or cubicle desks.  Another thing I like to do is place name cards on desks or tables at meetings or small conferences.  This way any speaker can have the benefit of a personal response during a question and answer session.  I use name cards in the college classes that I teach to help remember the names.  Students love to hear their names in class.  Then they ask more questions – making my job easier. 

Use these skills and others to help develop “the power of names” in your leadership strategies.  It will add tremendous value to your business and personal life.  Use these skills and watch how others react!   Focus on strategies for leadership!!

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