Self-hypnosis Script

Personal Statement:

Identify personal issues or problems that need work.  Achieve a level of self-actualization that will improve my health, reduce stress and make those around me feel more comfortable.  

Goal: In the following self-hypnosis script the sub-conscious is called for a dual purpose: 

1.      To call upon the imagination to foster and support positive outcomes in the areas of physical health and emotional fulfillment.

2.      Then call upon the depth and wisdom of the inner mind and the universe for inspiration and information to maximize the use of all talents that will be most helpful in healing all areas of life especially the needed area of acceptance, understanding and compassion. Repeated use of this self-hypnosis approach can be integrated with the various parts of life and heal the whole person. 

Script: To begin this inner journey, position yourself so that you will be comfortable and uninterrupted for a few minutes. 

Close your eyes, feet flat on the floor – thumb and forefinger touching and repeat to yourself: three – calm and relaxed, two - calm and relaxed, one - calm and relaxed. Take several deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow the tension to begin to leave your body with each exhale.  Begin to move to a place of deep relaxation. Relax. Take a few moments to relax each part of your body.  As you begin to breathe deeply and naturally, realize that healing is more than a goal: it is a journey.  Remind yourself that this is a process, a truly enjoyable process and a magnificent adventure. The value of the journey is in the journey itself.  Experiencing the journey will take you beyond thinking, to experiencing and embracing all levels of your well-being and capabilities.

     Allow yourself now to open to this important work.  Take a journey to your safe and secret place.  Imagine and feel all the special things that you like so much about this special place.  Remember a time when you really felt safe and comfortable.  Bring back from your memory the sensations associated with that time.  Remember the place and all the feelings. Sense all of the sounds; visualize the colors, feel the textures and sense the feelings associated with complete safety and harmony.  Feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Allow images, sounds and feelings to come to you and take you gently into your very being -- feeling your connection with your self, your higher self, your higher mind, your higher creative self.

Allow yourself to notice a light within you as you are in this safe place. Notice how this light becomes brighter and brighter as it expands to encompass your entire being.  At times the light has colors within it.  This is the light of your true self. This is your light.  This light allows you to imagine, to learn and to grow in many new ways. The light illuminates you and opens the possibility for new discoveries and insights

This light that now surrounds your very being - it allows you to imagine and to learn. Imagine a positive picture about your health and all the energy that you have in life.  “Day by day in every way I am getting better and better”.

Realize and appreciate the truth that you can use your mind to improve your life by creatively sensing and visualizing the way your life will improve. 

Feel the connection of the light to your higher mind--your higher self. You can sense the miracle of inner wisdom.  Be aware of the connection of the light and the mind and the universe.  Sense your connectedness with all people of the universe. 

Compare your mind to the surface of a quiet pond. The pond remains quiet and still even though there is activity beneath the surface. Often, there is much happening beneath a still surface. The gentle surface conceals extraordinary depth--the depth of your inner wisdom.  Above are the gentle breezes and at times powerful winds brush across the surface.  But the pond remains still and quiet.  The quiet and stillness inspire you – although much activity takes place below the surface.  The quiet and stillness are a welcome treasure.  Great!

Take a deep breath - breathe in the freshness and release all negativity. At this time, be at whatever level of relaxation your unconscious mind wants in order to do the work you are going to do now. Use 2 minutes to feel the connection of the light and the quiet stillness of the pond.  PAUSE

Remain in this positive picture. In your imagination, sense yourself as having a powerful and creative mind.  Witness yourself nourishing your mind. Imagine that you enjoy mental well being and complete peace of mind. Now, ask to connect with your higher mind.  Trust the thoughts, feelings or pictures that first come.    Imagine how important your body is to your physical and emotional health. Observe as your being enjoys fresh air, pure water, exercise, healthy foods. Imagine a healthy lifestyle, receiving proper nutrition, rest, and relaxing sleep.  Look forward to exercising to gain vitality.   Sense yourself enjoying nature. Imagine yourself energetic and vital. View yourself as healthy, happy, and enjoying life to its fullest.  Visualize looking forward to living in emotional balance with a healthy body.   With this awareness you have the needed tools to be all that you want.  You have all the ingredients, all the skills and all the capabilities to be the compassionate, patient, understanding and focused individual that you want to be.  You have all that you need.

Recognize and nurture your emotional intelligence. In your mind’s eye observe yourself as emotionally fulfilled and happy. You give and receive love. You offer support and you receive it. This scene comes easily and is surrounded in light and pleasure.  Enjoy that pleasure.  Connect to your emotional being. Open to the thoughts, feelings, or impressions of your emotional life.  Focus on what you can do each day for your own emotional health, balance, and fulfillment.  Think again of the still and peaceful pond.  Consider your contributions to yourself, your family, your friends and others that you come in contact with.  Think of the stillness. The universe is there for you with all its deep wisdom – the wisdom of all that has gone before you.  Breathe deeply and absorb the freshness of the universe.  Lighten up – figuratively and literally! Soar to the highest level of your capabilities.

Imagine yourself deciding what you really want to do with your life. Make the vision real. Envision yourself listening generously to others.  Forgive yourself for the times that you did not.  Forgive yourself for having been so hard.  And forgive those that are not patient with you.   Trust your thoughts and intuitions!  Focus on all the positives!  Every thing is right there inside of you.  Now that you have made the decision to grow in this fashion, you make these changes so easily and effortlessly.  Remember the successes that you have had in the past, the ones that were special to you, the ones that made you feel so good and joyous inside your being, and just as you were successful then, you are now in attaining the goals of understanding, acceptance and compassion….beginning right now and forever.  Remember how other people close to you celebrated your past successes, and now, imagine that you have accomplished these goals and now, how these special people look at you and feel so good about how you have grown your soul.  You are proud of your accomplishments, yet humble in your manifestation of these accomplishments.  You truly have grown.

Affirm that how you live your life each day reveals who and what you really are.  You have great capabilities.  Focus your attention inward to your soulful place of deep imagination – that special place of color and gentle sounds. 

Make it joyful and active and place yourself prominently at its center. Now create a new impression, an impression that nourishes your soul, illuminating you with happiness and fulfillment.  Nurture yourself with peace and tranquility and share that with all you come in contact with.  Make all your experiences peaceful. 

Allow yourself to enjoy all that you have accomplished. Thank your mind, your body, and your emotions.  Allow healing emotionally and physically to occur each day and at every level of your being.

     When you are ready, slowly come back to a fully alert state.

  1. You feel fine.
  2. You have a strong human immune defense system and it’s getting stronger and stronger everyday.  A new level of thinking, a new level of living embraces you.
  3. You are fully alert now and completely refreshed.  Open your eyes and smile.