Self - Motivation

You CAN be a better you!


 Granted…  there is no such thing as instant success.  Continued research in the concept of peak performance or attaining “The Zone” is realizing techniques common to any high achiever. You see… “Success is predictable”.  MSI has a commitment to the belief that you can have more than what you have, because you can be more than what you are. You can be a better you!

 Some basic self-motivating principles for success

 1. Set goals. Everything that you've heard about goal setting is true. Goals equal success.  Goal Setters equal successful people!  Decide what you want. Be specific and write it down. It's easier to get anywhere when you have a map,  even a mission statement or a port to sail to!

2. Who you see is who you'll be. Losers live life from the outside in, while winners live life from the inside out. Don’t be an “On the surface” person. Everything ever achieved is first seen in someone's mind.  Positive think is a key component to success. 


Get a clear vision of what you will be like when you have achieved your goal. See the colors and the surroundings in your mind's eye. It has to become vivid on the inside of you before it becomes reality. Visualizations pack a lot of power!


 3. Play the part. See yourself as having already achieved what you want. We're not talking about acting as if you are someone you aren’t; rather it is performing at maximum levels.  Be all that you can be! The good feeling it produces actually becomes a strong motivation.  It is self predicting!


4. Make decisions and control the inner-voice. Something in all of us wants to do what's convenient rather than what's important. Sometimes it is easier to be negative rather than positive. The voice inside you will tell you why you can't achieve your goal and why you don't deserve it.  When you hear that voice – Throw it out the window and very far away! Make that voice very small!  You must choose to believe what you really want. Have the courage to achieve the greatness for which you were born. Pay careful attention to the self-talk.


5. Don't bother arguing or attempt to defend yourself when things don't go right. Every adversity contains the seed of at least an equal blessing. This can is difficult to remember in the middle of a storm. Don’t fight the storm too hard because you will miss the rainbow. Take the lemons and make your lemonade!  Great every adversity with strength & courage and a positive outlook!


6. After falling down get up and go at it again. Resilience – the ability to bounce back - is a good quality to cultivate. How many thousands of ways did Tom Edison discover “How not to create the light bulb”.  Successful people don't talk about failure – They talk about their successes and good experiences.  Refer to your attempts as a "challenge".  If you are not falling down occasionally then perhaps your goals are too easy and you are in too safe a comfort zone and you need to re-evaluate the goals.  One definition for success is, "Fall seven times, get up eight!"


7. Live in the NOW. You are working toward your future. True success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream. Don't overlook the joys of today. Still enjoy what is happening today. Take vacations – enjoy friends.  Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving. Avoid feeling guilt for current bouts of leisure! Wherever you are, be there! AND be better!


8. Enthusiasm is a powerful force. Be sure you are moving toward something you really want, plan activities that you love and can be excited about. Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Let your goal put a fire in your belly and a lion in your heart. Always live your life with passion.


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