Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety are everywhere and can cause many problems if ignored.  Relaxation exercises, and other stress management techniques can be very helpful in overcoming stress and anxiety caused by everyday life.  HypnoCounseling can assist an individual to manage and use appropriate skills to add a positive out look to things and help to eliminate anxiety and stress.

Stress causes weight gain and other health problems.  Stress can exhaust our immune system, leaving us with our defenses down!  Many days of work are lost - not to mention that great personal fretfulness can lead to marital discord, sadness, panic attacks and many other problems.  If stress is causing health problems for you - check first with your family doctor to see if HypnoCounseling is the right tool for you.  Our methods can help you!


Stress is an element of life.  We experience stress every day and on many different levels.  Some stress is very vital and motivates us.  Stress is everywhere. It is essentially a part of the character of all things, not just people, but for all things living and non-living. Our cars, buses, trains, machines and most engines undergo stress every time they are turned on or their ignitions are ignited.  Responsible maintenance minimizes the effects of stress and results in its longer serviceability and smoother running.  We operate our body and we need to maintain our body and its systems.  We too can create a well-being that is tuned-up.  We can possess the secret to effectively handling stress.  That secret is to know and practice good management.  We all need to be good managers if we are to reduce the negative effects of stress on our body and mind. The product of good stress management is not only the reduction of the negative impact of stress but its transformation into a positive mechanism for personal growth, achievement, happiness, and well-being.  A positive outlook is key to stress management. 

We offer a comprehensive stress management program for both individuals and corporate clients to help with stress and anxiety in an immediate way and also to offer long-term strategies.  Effective stress management can used a variety of methods.  We can help you deal with the presenting stress and also help clients to avoid reaching high stress levels in the future.  Our goal is to give our clients life long skills to live effective and healthy lives dealing wit the pressures that may cause damaging stress.  

Some of our techniques include:

    Teaching relaxation techniques, through relaxation exercises you develop ways to relax naturally (choose the relaxation response instead of the stress response).

    We train you to use positive thinking to help eliminate panic attacks, anxiety and fears.

    We assist you in creating an understanding of stress and the reasons for stress.  And an understanding why some stress is good stress.

    We help you change the vocabulary of your mind to formulate a positive approach to the natural stressors of every day life and business.

    We will motivate you to be healthy.  Remember stress and anxiety can cause problems in very clever and unhelpful ways. One of the best ways to combat stress is to exercise but then who wants to exercise when dealing with stress.

    We can help with systems of organization & time management to reduce stressful situations.

     Lastly, with our skills of clinical hypnosis by a practitioner trained in the mind-body connection, we will assist individuals in their own healing.


Research supports our methods!

Hypnosis is probably one of the most researched modalities in the area of mind-body therapies.  Recent breakthroughs in psycho - neuro - immunology studies give increasing evidence of the connection between mind-body communication and the rationale as to how hypnosis plays a factor in improving certain situations. There are as many different definitions of hypnosis as there are beliefs about how it works.  'Guided Imagery' and 'Biofeedback' are used often in the hypnotic process. You are always in control.  A straightforward explanation of the hypnotic phenomena is that it is a form of self-induced and focused attention that can make it easier for you to relax or control your body's functions and ultimately assistant in the relief of certain situations causing uncomfortable conditions.  Our methods can do all that as well as provide a needed boost to your immune system. An important aspect of our method is to encourage our clients to learn and to practice self-hypnosis and guided imagery on their own.

It is commonly known that our bodies require two states during a twenty-four hour period, that of wakefulness and that of sleep. This is called our “Circadian Rhythms.”  Our bodies naturally go through rhythms during the day, which create a 'break response stimulus'. These rhythms are referred to as "Ultradian rhythms" and generally are about ninety minutes to two hours in length. During this period the mind-body pauses and turns inward to focus on it’s healing. Modern practitioners of clinical hypnosis utilize these natural ultradian rhythms to assist the patient to create a mental link between their required goal and natural physical abilities to heal. To achieve this the patient is guided by the therapist to a relaxed state, which allows for communication to the unconscious mind. It is at the unconscious level that many conditions and thoughts exist, which are out of reach to the conscious mind or that the conscious mind is ill equipped to deal with.  Some people have a more improved control or a better focus of their rhythms and are in deep touch with retrieving the communications in a conscious state.  What the study of psycho-neuro-immunology is beginning to provide us with is a blue print of cellular and molecular communication between mind, body and gene, which takes clinical HypnoCounseling out of the realm of magic and into a psychobiological reason for success.   This focus isn’t as intense as it sounds.  It is a very useful and effective skill!

So if you have found yourself or a loved one suffering from self-defeating behaviors that just won’t go away or seems to return again and again, consulting a practitioner of one of the mind-body therapies may help.

Sources of stress can arise anywhere at any time: in personal settings, in job or business related pressures, during the challenges of marriage or  the stress of being single, the pressure of  achieving some personal goal or in sports, the stress of trying to remain healthy, the stress of an illness.  Some of these pressures can be self-imposed.  Stress tends to create turmoil and confusion and inhibits our functioning and achieving our greatest potential. Unbalanced energy is devoted to justifying the stress and this in turn can set in motion a snowball effect by adding more stress to the situation. Several approaches are available to the management of stress. We can achieve a kind of psychological or emotional balance or centering that helps us to better handle the stresses of life with greater self-control. We can also learn practical skills to deal with the issues in our lives and the systems that are causing the unwarranted stress reaction.  We can change our thought processes used to comprehend and react to the stresses we experience.  We can even learn to appreciate certain stress.


We achieve more in a stress-reduced mode.


Many traditional practices such as yoga and meditation have a significant and measurable impact on our physiological relaxation including respiratory and heart rate, oxygen consumption, muscle tension, and blood pressure.  Self- hypnosis is another very powerful tool to assist us in achieving our highest potential and reduce the stresses that are inhibiting us.  By understanding and utilizing the basics of self-hypnosis we can produce a state of profound relaxation and apply useful affirmations to strengthen and encourage superior management strategies.   The goal in the application of HypnoCounseling for stress reduction is to identify the troubling situations and provide the client with the tools to counter these stressors.  While, the techniques, which activate the relaxation response, are highly recommended, in HypnoCounseling the objective is to intervene directly in the activity of the stressful situation by short-circuiting certain factors that trigger the stress.  All of the skills of the HypnoCounselor, including creative visualization and imagery, metaphor, life reframing, and direct suggestion, to mention some methods, are utilized to help reach the balanced state of calm essential for the effective management of stress.

If a student is experiencing stress in relation to his schoolwork or with testing, and it happens that this same student possesses very poor study skills, relaxation alone would be a limited approach. A more relaxed outlook may well help with performance in school to some degree it is highly unlikely that the improvement would be noteworthy because the underlying problem of poor study habits would not have been addressed.   It is better to establish the deficiencies in the student's study habits and reach a clear understanding of which skills need improving.  During the hypnosis session, the positive patterns of study behavior to replace the negative habits would be reinforced; more positive patterns would be programmed and suggested. Performance is closely allied with stress: stress can both impede good performance and be the result of bad performance. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference which cause of stress came first: the fear of not performing well or simply not performing well.  The cycle needs to be uncovered and reestablished. It is Important that the skill and habits associated with the performance itself need to be a top priority.  In business and in personal life there is no difference to the strategies of the HypnoCounselor.  The weeds need to be discovered and eliminated before the field of creativity is to produce vital growth!  With a trained and skilled HypnoCounselor this garden of skills can be well cultivated!