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Stress is an Element of Life.      
We experience stress everyday and on very different levels.  Some stress is very vital and motivates us.  Stress is everywhere. It is essentially a part of the character of all things, not just people, but for all things living and non-living. Our cars, buses, trains, machines and most engines undergo stress every time they are turned on or their ignitions are ignited.  Responsible maintenance minimizes the effects of stress and results in its longer serviceability and smoother running.  We humans are no different – we too can create a well-being that is tuned-up well.  We can have the secret to effectively handling stress.  That secret is good management. We all need to be good managers if we are to reduce the negative effects of stress on our body and mind. The product of good stress management is not only the reduction of the negative impact of stress but its transformation into a positive mechanism for personal growth, achievement, happiness, and well-being.  Our methods will specifically assist clients with stress management not related to a medical or mental health disorder.

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Sources of Stress           

America's Coastlines Image - line0517 Stress can arise anywhere at any time: in personal settings,  in job or business related pressures, during the stresses of marriage or  the stress of being single, the pressure of  achieving some personal goal or in sports, the stress of trying to remain healthy, the stress of an illness.  Some of these pressures can be self-imposed.  Stress can often be caused by people we associate with. Stress tends to create disorder and confusion and inhibits our functioning at our greatest potential. Lopsided energy is devoted to justifying the stress and this may only set in motion a snowball effect by adding more stress to the situation. Studies have shown that between 60% and 90% of all physician visits are for stress-related complaints.   .Our methods will specifically assist clients with stress management not related to a medical or mental health disorder.  Doctor recommended clients are welcome to learn how to apply these techniques. 
Stress Management
We can achieve a kind of psychological or emotional balance or centering that helps us to better handle the stresses of life with greater self-control. We can also learn practical skills to deal with the issues in our lives which are causing the excessive stress reaction.  We can change our thought processes used to understand and react to the stresses we experience.  Our methods can help to guide the individual to attaining the appropriate levels of relaxation and understanding to achieve and become free of the destructive and negative effects of inappropriate stress. 

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Our Method

The goal in the application of HypnoCounseling for stress reduction is to identify the troubling situations and provide the client with the tools to counter these stressors.  While, the techniques, which activate the relaxation response, are highly recommended, in HypnoCounseling the objective is to intervene directly in the activity of the stressful situation by short-circuiting certain factors that trigger the stress. All of the skills of the HypnoCounselor, including creative visualization, metaphor, life reframing, and direct suggestion, to mention some methods, are utilized to help reach the balanced state of calm essential for the effective management of stress.   Our methods will specifically assist clients with stress management not related to a medical or mental health disorder. 

If a client is a student and is experiencing stress in relation to his schoolwork or with testing, and it happens that this same student possesses very poor study skills, relaxation alone would be a limited approach. Of course, a more relaxed outlook may well help with performance in school to some degree it is highly unlikely that the improvement would be noteworthy because the underlying problem of poor study habits would not have been addressed. It is better to establish the deficiencies in the student's study habits and reach a clear understanding of which skills need improving. During the hypnosis session, the positive patterns of study behavior to replace the negative habits would be reinforced; more positive patterns would be programmed and suggested. Performance is closely allied with stress: stress can both impede good performance and be the result of bad performance. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference which cause of stress came first: the fear of not performing well or simply not performing well. However, in some cases, as in the case of our student, it is clear that the skill and habits associated with the performance itself need to be a top priority.  In business and in personal life there is no difference to the strategies of the HypnoCounselor.  The weeds need to be discovered and eliminated before the field of creativity is to produce vital growth!

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We also will provide the client with the tools for learning and utilizing self-hypnosis.  Self- hypnosis is another very powerful tool to assist us in achieving our highest potential and reduce the stresses that are inhibiting us.  We achieve more in a stress-reduced mode.   We can easily introduce the benefits of the relaxation response into their lives.  By understanding and utilizing the basics of self-hypnosis we can produce a state of profound relaxation and apply useful affirmations to strengthen and encourage our approach to superior management strategies.
Participate in "Stress Management for Success"
Special presentation by our staff....  A program designed specifically for the business person.  You learn effective stress management techniques and how to use the power of  "Stress for Success”. This program can be presented to individuals or groups!  Groups may be Work Teams, Classes, or any group desiring to reach their highest potential and be free of negative stress. 

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SMART IDEAS to chase away the stressor...
1.  Turn on the MUSIC!! Soothing Music for 15 minutes a day will ease the stress and calm the mind.  Choose Mozart, Bach or Vivaldi - their slower, rhythmic beat will activate the the dopamine pathways and help to release the calming harmone.
2.  Do a Puzzle! Use your IPad or IPhone to find an APP for a puzzle, or Sudoku or NY Times daily crossword.  Redirecting your thoughts helps to zap away the stress.  The brain is not able to process intellectual activities and negative feelings at the same time! This is a good activity to do at bedtime if the worries are keeping you awake.
3.  Think Positive!! Follow this link! Read and practice Visualization. You are what you think you are!  If you see in your mind a good golf shot - it will be yours.  Imagine getting that job!
4. Have a cup of JOE or a COKE!  A recent study found that Caffeine helped women perform better and they had half the worries as a group of women that drank caffeine free beverages. Caffeine - Improves your mood and sharpens your focus. 

5. CHEW GUM!  The chewing motion send a soothing message to the brain and encourages a drop in the stress hormone cortisol.

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